The Set url to forward option of the keywords is an advanced feature of the keywords menu which allows you to send incoming messages over the internet to a webserver whenever a message containing that keyword is received in the mNotify system.This can be useful in a number of ways. For example, it can be helpful if you want to back-up messages off-site in case of data loss. Or, if you're running a campaign and want to display SMS feedback from supporters on the homepage of your website, this feature can pass this information on (although you will need to write a script to listen out for incoming messages).


To set an url to be forwarded to,select the last icon under the Action column of the keywords.A modal will afterward appear which allows you to type your preferred url in the text box.Please do not add any parameters to the url. A hint of where the messages will be sent to is displayed as you type the url. For example, when you enter an url as,thesystem sends the url and the associated parameters as***&message=***&keyword=***, where *** is the values of the respective parameters.Note that the HTTP method used is GET so you have to use GET in your applications to retrieve the values.So thats it! All incoming messages will be sent to the url thereafter.